The Mailsave website,, is a resource for customers who want to optimise the cost of handling their letters and mail.

1. The costs of any equipment required to process the mail, franking machines and/or folder inserters.

2. To compare prices for the consumables, mainly the franking machine ink to process the mail through the franking machine.

3. The relative costs of delivery of the mail through Royal Mail and access to the different Royal Mail Mailmark discounts.

mailsave says

We promise you don’t need to speak to a salesperson until you have seen their offer and you choose to contact them.

Mailsave will not provide telephone contact details to suppliers, rather will require email only quotes, they will only provide telephone details once the customer has seen the email and chosen the telephone option for that supplier. has helped thousands of customers save since 2010 and on this website have provided information, tips and price comparisons and are available for email support if required.

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