Hybrid mail is simply the process whereby the customer sends letters electronically and securely to a central hub where the letters are printed, either black & white or in colour. This is why it is sometimes referred to as online franking e.g. franking without franking machine cost or franking machine ink cost.

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You can print your colour letterhead and logo exactly the same as your pre-printed stationery.

Labour efficient as you don’t need to process the mail in your office or order and stock paper and envelopes. It is environmentally friendly as the letters travel electronically until the final mile delivery by Royal Mail. Cost efficient, hybrid mail companies consolidate mailstreams from different customers to reach the volumes needed to obtain Royal Mail discounts for bulk mailings and downstream access (DSA) with Mailmark.

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These savings are passed back to the customer and at least cover the costs of paper, envelopes and labour and achieve a lower overall cost than stamps and even Mailmark franking.

Hybrid mail is extensively used in the public sector by, for example, Councils for council tax and rates bills and in the NHS by hospitals and GP’s for appointment reminder notices, test results and other confidential correspondence where text and email is neither reliable nor secure enough to be appropriate.


Commercial operations rely on hybrid mail for “transactional mail”, invoices and statements for marketing materials, finding physical letters can be more effective than email marketing.

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With hybrid mail, it's as easy to send a physical letter as an email from wherever... ideal for home workers.

Hybrid mail is an advanced type of facilities management, centralised fulfilment if you like.

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