Franking machines are offered by the suppliers to either lease (on a term between 3-7 years), rent (usually a shorter term 1-3 years) or if it suits your company to purchase outright.

Prices range from under £500 to over £50,000 and although features are added, the main benefit is convenience and speed.

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The faster the machine, the more expensive.

The suppliers prefer to offer rental or lease options and while this may provide the customer with cashflow advantages, it is usually designed for the benefit of the suppliers to create repeat business when the lease or rental contract has to be renewed.

When approached to change your franking machine because the contract needs to be renewed, check carefully the date of this “expiry” and your options with your existing franking machine supplier and obtain competitive quotes.

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Check the term of the Agreement, the arrangements at the end of the term and particularly the interest rate offered.

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