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Useful things to know

Royal Mail approved franking machine suppliers with Mailmark

There are four franking machine manufacturers operating in the UK that are authorised by Royal Mail, they are Frama, Francotyp-Postalia (sometimes known as FP Mailing), Pitney Bowes and Quadient (formerly Neopost).

Mailsave Frama
Mailsave FP Mailing
Mailsave Pitney Bowes
Mailsave Quadient Neopost

Royal Mail Mailmark

Most franking machines offer Royal Mail Mailmark rates at savings when compared to stamps. Savings on your mail of up to 35%.

Acquiring a franking machine

Franking machines need to be either rented, leased or purchased from one of the manufacturers or their dealers, agents or franchises.  Mailsave gives them an opportunity to provide you with a competitive quote to maximise savings on your postal process.

Franking machine ink

One of your biggest cost savings can be made by reducing the cost of your franking machine replacement ink cartridges.  These will also be available soon for comparison here on the Mailsave site to help you make further savings.

Online franking is the future

Online franking sometimes called hybrid mail makes letter mail as easy as sending email but still with a physical letter delivered by Royal Mail.  The mailing process is totally secure, used extensively in the public sector and by the NHS and you can make savings of up to 50% on your outgoing letters.  You don’t need to buy or rent a franking machine or buy paper and envelopes.  If it works for your type of mail there are even greater savings available.

How hybrid mail works

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have their employees working from home and hybrid mail has been their choice so that homeworkers can still send physical mail from a controlled central location without a franking machine.  Totally secure, maximum outgoing mail efficiency and savings, delivered by Royal Mail.

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“Mailsave simplifies sending analogue mail for a digital age, I was able to get the best solution for my mail without the hassle of collating all the options and understanding the differences…. I knew exactly what I'd save.”

Alison of a Midlands based packaging company chose a small franking machine for packets and online for her invoices and marketing.

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